Organic plant based proteins

Are you looking for ways to add more protein to your finished product, or to improve both functional and nutritional performance, without the use of animal ingredients? Our plant based proteins might be the solution.


Both the plant based protein powders or their starches can be used in nutritional or functional applications, such as high protein, vegan, and gluten free recipes. Some applications:

  • Emulsifier: the protein powder has an excellent solubility in both water and oil. They absorb water and oil at 1: 4 at temperatures above 70°C.
  • Foaming agent: the combination of protein and starch form a thermostable foaming agent.
  • Texturizer: the protein powders creates an improved texture and can be used as excellent texturizing agent.
  • Enhancing nutritional values in baked goods and drinks.

From raw material to protein powder

The raw materials are cleaned, hulled and milled to an ultrafine powder. To separate this powder into a protein powder and a starchy flour, it is processed through an air classifier. This is a non-heat treatment which leaves the protein molecules ‘raw’, enabling it to be used in various applications in food manufacturing.

Nutritional value

The protein concentrate of our plant based proteins ranges from 50% to 80%. Good to know: it is not the raw material that determines the final protein content, but the technical production process. All our organic protein powders are GMO free, gluten free and vegan.


In the near future:

  • Organic TVP from Pea
  • Organic TVP from Pea and Fava Beans
  • Organic Fava Bean Protein Powder
  • Organic Pumpkin Protein Powder
  • Other organic Plant Based Proteins 



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