Sesame from Uganda

We are part of a great project with a large social impact in Northern Uganda. The project goal is the improved livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Northern Uganda by building organic and inclusive value chains for organic soybeans, sesame and shea. The project will not only address high levels of poverty in the area, but also protects shea trees from being cut for charcoal production. 

25,000 smallholder farmers

Within the project we have 14 targets we want to reach in four years’ time. The main goals are to register, train and certify 25,000 smallholder farmers so, they can increase their yield and their income. The project will be executed in Uganda by a local development company. They will train farmers in organic and climate-smart agricultural and post-harvest practices. This way, the farmers are able to continue to working the fields independently, even after the project. This project will also train women and youth to collect and shell shea nuts, organise organic and food safety certification and more.

Update: how are the farmers doing after 3 years?

Our CEO Hendrik Wijnen visited Uganda at the beginning of 2024 to see how the sesame seed project is doing after three years. Have farmers been able to expand their land? Have yields improved? And do they make more money?

Export to the European market

DO IT ORGANIC is the lead partner in this project and will provide knowledge about the European market. We will also market, import and distribute the organic sesame, soybeans and shea in our market. The first harvest of sesame seeds has already been shipped to our warehouse in Barneveld, and are available to our customers.

Watch the video below for more in-depth information about the project, farmers and our goals.


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