Who we are

DO IT ORGANIC is a leading organic food wholesaler active in the supply chain of 100% organic food ingredients and organic consumer products. 

As a specialist in organic ingredients with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we partner globally with producers to source a wide portfolio of only the highest-quality organic products. Our mission is to change the entire food chain to 100% organic ingredients, which is why we work together with a network of organic farmers on local projects.

We pack organic ingredients for private labels within the food service market, offering full traceability. We also offer high-quality consumer products with our brands La BIO IDEA, Amaizin and Basta!. No matter whether it’s businesses looking for an organic food wholesaler or consumer goods, we use recyclable packaging to minimise our carbon footprint. We ensure that everything we do is up to the highest ethical and social standards and that we meet all organic criteria to achieve the relevant certifications.

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Our range of organic products

As an organic food wholesaler, we sell more than 1000 different organic products and offer 100% organic ingredients to our customers. All our products are grown and produced by our carefully selected network of farmers from all over the world. For example, we offer pulses from China, nuts from Tanzania, and rice from India.

Some of our top sellers include organic flour, including coconut flour from Sri Lanka and cornflour from The Netherlands. We also have a range of organic seeds, including chia seeds from Uganda and flaxseeds from Turkey, as well as our range of organic protein powder.


Some important facts about us:

  • We are a private company with shares owned by the management and employees
  • Our warehouse has a surface area of 21.000 m2, with a storage capacity of over 15.000 pallets
  • We are proud to have more than 90 people working in the DO IT ORGANIC team
  • In our on-site packaging facility we pack organic food ingredients for private labels, using sustainable foil, labels, ink and glue
  • Having the headquarters, warehouse and packaging facilities at one location allows us to maintain a high level of quality control and logistics flexibility and a low carbon footprint
  • Organic certification is the foundation of DO IT ORGANIC operations.

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Core values

DO IT ORGANIC wants to accelerate the transition towards organic farming by making organic food ingredients and consumer products available to our customers and consumers.

The core values that accompany this philosophy are:


Making the world a little better through personal partnerships. We treat people fairly, from farmer to consumer.  We care for the whole chain.


We have a strong ambition to change the world’s agriculture towards organic farming and make a sustainable impact. For our planet, for our health and for future generations.


We are 100% committed to make the change happen. We do it by delivering 100% organic food. 



Socio-economic impact

  • We operate with a worldwide network of 180 suppliers from more than 23 countries.
  • Our co-operating partners represent more than 30.000 small-scale farmers.
  • Social welfare and fair payment is a driver for our business.
  • We have a dedicated CSR budget targeting projects that support the transition towards organic agriculture and farmers welfare