What is B Corp?

What do DO IT ORGANIC, Vivera, Patagonia, Auping, Dopper and Seepje have in common? We are all B Corps. B what? Let's explain: 

B Corp stands for B Corporation. And no, that is not another word for B brand, quite the contrary. The ‘B’ of B Corp stands for ‘Benefit’. It is an international certification for companies that not only want to make a profit, but above all want to make a positive impact on society and the world. The aim? A sustainable, equal and inclusive future. Sounds good, right? 

When can you call yourself a B Corp?

Not everyone who does something good once in a while can immediately call themselves a B Corp. This is because B Corp does not look at one aspect of a company, but at its entire operation. From the impact in your production chain to the benefits offered to your employees.  

To qualify for a B Corp certificate, you will be reviewed on five different points:

  1. Governance: The company's mission, social and environmental impact, ethics and transparency. 
  2. Workers: The care of employees in terms of financial security, health, safety, well-being, career development, engagement and satisfaction. 
  3. Community: The commitment to impact on the communities in which the company operates, hires people and sources raw materials/products.
  4. Environment: The overall environmental management practices of a company and its impact on air, climate, water, land and biodiversity.
  5. Customers: The quality of products and services, ethical marketing, data privacy and security, and feedback channels. 

To get the B Corp certificate, you need to score a total of 80 points or higher on all these pillars. For your understanding, the average company achieves 50.9 points. 

    What makes DO IT ORGANIC a B Corp? 

    What our overall impact score is? 90 points! Among other things because: 

    1. Our mission is to change the entire food chain to 100% organic. Quite a sustainable goal, then.  
    2. We offer people with a labour market disadvantage a nice workplace and want to make sure they ‘pack with a smile’. In this manner, we want to take good care of all our employees.  
    3. We build long-term relationships with organic farmers at various projects around the world, such as in Cambodia, Mozambique and Uganda, like this project for example

    We are of course very proud of that high impact score (here you will find the exact points per topic), but we continue to do our best to do even better and continue to contribute to a healthier planet. Because that too is B Corp: there is no final destination. It is an ongoing drive for doing better business.  

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