What we do

At DO IT ORGANIC, we have made organic food the standard. We firmly believe in
a world where 100% organic food is the standard. As an organic food specialist, we
offer high quality products. This is how we have slowly but surely risen to become
the leading company in the field of organic food. But we do a whole lot more than
just sell organic bulk health foods. What exactly?

We are an organic wholesaler with sustainable food from all over the world

We only offer fully organic products. In total we sell more than 1000 different
organic products as an organic food wholesaler. These products are produced by
our own organic farmers and producers. Our organic network reaches all over the
world. We aim to get our products as close to home as possible to keep transport
to the minimum.

Which kind of exclusively organic products do we distribute?

As an organic products distributor, we buy our products directly from farmers all
over the world. For example our organic wholesale contains organic raw
ingredients, such as beans or other pulses from China, cashew nuts from Tanzania
or lentils from Canada. We create personal relationships with farmers and build
long-term partnerships with them. Our way of working is completely transparent,
traceable and we use and arrange all the necessary certificates.

Is our organic wholesale business all about a sustainable food supply?

Yes and yes. Of course, organic food ingredients plays the absolute leading role for
us as an organic food wholesaler. But ‘organic’ goes far beyond our seeds, peanuts
and rice. In the end, it is more about the underlying idea of making the world
healthy and liveable again. Creating a 100% organic food chain is a very important
step in that direction. But there are more things that we consider important.
Think, for example, about packaging. We aim to be completely climate-neutral.
How? By using sustainable foil, labels, ink and glue for all our packaging. By
housing our headquarters, warehouse and packaging facilities in one location, we
can guarantee high quality products, while optimizing our logistics at a low
carbon footprint.

The role of organic agriculture in producing sustainable food

Agriculture covers almost 40 percent of the surface of the globe. It therefore has a
great impact on the environment. Organic farming is essential for a healthy world.
That is why we put a lot of time and energy into the way our products are grown.
Because it's not just about the products we produce. It's about making and
keeping our planet healthy! That is what DO IT ORGANIC and our organic
products stand for.

We sell more than 1000 different organic products and offer 100% organic ingredients to our customers. All our products are grown and produced by our carefully selected network of farmers from all over the world. For example, we offer pulses from China, nuts from Tanzania, and rice from India.

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