Olives from Sicily

Olive Oil from Sicily

The olive tree is a typical cultivation of the Sicilian territory. It was first introduced to the island by the Phoenicians and cultivated by the Greeks. But the Romans were the ones to systematize the cultivation and spread the word and the product to the world.

In the Province of Messina there are thousands and thousands of olive trees scattered, characterizing the environment. On these olive trees the best olives of the Tyrrhenian are formed and ripen in the heat of the sun. From the pressing of full and ripe olives, extra virgin oil is obtained. It has always been a cornerstone of the economy of Sicily, supporting the income of the numerous small farms and the culture of the province.

Extra virgin olive oil

An olive tree produces 5 to 10 kilograms of olives per year. That is enough for 1 to 2 liters of olive oil. The olives are harvested at the moment they contain the most oil. The harvest is done by hand, or with the use of shakers and the olives are pressed on the same day of harvest in the traditional way. They are crushed so that the pulp can escape the juice.

Making extra virgin olive oil means that the olives are only pressed once. The result is a cloudy juice which is filtered into a pure olive oil. The pressing is done once a year. Our supplier stores the pressed oil in barrels and only bottles for specific orders. Some farmers produce almost 1000 liters oil per year and therefore have their own barrels. This way they can deliver organic ‘single quinta’ extra virgin olive oil.


Supporting local farmers

We work together with our olive oil supplier in Sicily for many years. The company is a family owned business and has a strong connection with the local farmers. They not only process organic oil, but they also support the farmers by providing all associated olive farms with a range of services, including dissemination, technical assistance, collection, enhancement, promotion of the processed product and facilitating access to new markets.

At DO IT ORGANIC we offer 2 types of olive oil from Sicily, extra vierge and vierge. These products are bottled in a beautifully designed tin can.

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